Online Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons from John Novello

Contemporary Keyboardist Lessons Online

You can now take Online Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons directly from me, one-on-one.  

What you will learn is not necessarily new but its organization, application and instruction are. All the lesson material is based on what is actually needed to be professional and competitive in the music industry, not on inapplicable theoretical concepts that usually result only in diplomas, certificates, grades, and guess what... no work because you can't play! And that's the bottom line.

If you're not ready for online jazz keyboard lessons yet, you can purchase my books and instructional DVDs and/or general lessons and pursue a course of self study and at a later date upgrade to custom online lessons with me personally which is highly recommended! (Note: those students who study directly with me will have unlimited access to me through email for lesson support and/or career advice!)

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Welcome to The Contemporary Keyboardist downloadable lessons. These lessons are general prefabricated lessons that cover a variety of topics. Just pick the lesson you’re interested in and you will receive an authorization code once your payment has cleared. Please be patient as this may take 24 hours. For faster progress with your studies, I highly recommend you enroll in the Contemporary Keyboardist Online Course.

General Lessons - only available online

Download each lesson for only $9.95 each - files are in PDF format.


1) Click the BUY NOW button to purchase your copy of each lesson. After you have made your $9.95 payment you will see a large orange button with the text "Return to John Novello Productions, Inc".

2) Click the button to be taken to a page where you may download the lesson file immediately. (Note: this personal download page will expire two days after your purchase date.)

3) All sales are final.

Ear Training

Free Offer #1 -

Buy any general lesson and receive Practice Disciplines - a step-by-step regimen on how to get the most from your practice by award winning author, composer and keyboardist artist, John Novello! Buy Now as offer expires October 1st, 2008!

Free Offer #2

Buy any three general lessons and receive Practice Disciplines and Tips For Success - a step-by-step regimen on how to get the most from your practice by award winning author, composer and keyboardist artist, John Novello! Buy Now as offer expires October 1st, 2008!

Free Offer #3

Buy all 7 general lessons and not only get both reports above but also get two lessons free - a savings of 30%. Buy Now as offer expires October 1st, 2008!

Basic Harmony
The 9 Basic Rhythms
Blues Improvisation
The Improvised Line
Theory of Advanced Chord Construction
Lead Synth Techniques
All 7 Lessons for $50.00

Career Consultations

Have John Novello personally go over every aspect of your present music career situation and guide you successfully towards your dreams! This not only includes your musical abilities but also the promotion and marketing of those abilities. Topics covered are playing in bands, getting a record deal, touring, live performance vs session recording, putting together your bio/resume and demo, getting an agent, manager, attorney, publicist and how to handle these support people so they serve your best interests, recording and marketing your own CD on your own label from scratch to finish, getting radio air play for your songs and much more!

$125/hr.... minimum of three hours to start. Sign up now and jump start your career!

Self Study Course:

Book - The Contemporary Keyboardist

DVD - The Contemporary Keyboardist
Book - The Contemporary Keyboardist

DVD - The Contemporary Keyboardist
Book - The Contemporary Keyboardist

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