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- Are you unhappy with your playing abilities?
- When you see others perform, do you wish you could play like that?
- Can you effortlessly play what you hear?
- Can you play in different styles - jazz, blues, rock, funk, rhythm & blues, pop, country etc?
- Can you "burn" when you improvise?
- Are you classical trained and having difficulties crossing over into contemporary styles?
- Can you play in different keys?
- Is your present level of technique and rhythmic independence insufficient for your musical needs and wants? 
- Can you read and write music if necessary?
- Can you write and arrange songs?
- Can you play effortlessly in the rhythmic pocket... time problems - speeding up or dragging?
- Are you a singer/songwriter wanting to play better and be able accompany yourself and communicate better with fellow musicians?
- Are you are professional instrumentalist but stuck in a rut wanting to be more spontaneous with your improvising?
- Can you communicate with feeling when you play and uplift people?
- Can you sit in and jam with a band?
- Can you make a living as a full time musician?

If these are your goals, then the Contemporary Keyboardist Private Online Lessons are for you!
The Contemporary Keyboardist Online Course is a complete one-on-one program for training the contemporary keyboardist, composer, singer-songwriter and other instrumentalists.

This course is for professionals or those who want to be professionals. Most online courses out there are what I call the "see spot run play the piano over night" variety and are fine if you want to play nursery rhymes in your own home; but if you want to be a pro, then this is the real deal! I've been wanting to do these online music lessons for years and I have finally found the time to get everything organized. The Contemporary Keyboardist Online Lessons is different than most instruction methods in that it is organized into a personal custom course that locates and concentrates on your weak fundamentals to turn you into a professional. That is why it is extremely important that you take the time to honestly fill out the registration form that contains your history. The goal is to not only to help you with your music basics but to also help you find your melody, your expression - to sound like YOU and not somebody else which is the trap. The first step on this journey is to become confident with your playing so the real you isn't afraid to shine through and express itself. All playing problems stem from weak fundamentals in the following areas:

1. Ear training
2. Technique
3. Harmony/Theory
4. Rhythm/Time
5. Improvisation
6. Repertoire/Styles

Your music lessons will therefore consist of various exercises, drills and assignments in all of these areas simultaneously. Don't just get excited about one area and ignore the rest. Start at the top of your lesson, ear training and spend a definite amount of time on each section skipping none! Don't get stuck on one section just because you haven't completed it. You send in what you have achieved during any one period. Some things are fun to do; some things are not. You should practice daily, at least 5 to 6 days per week and at least one hour a day more being better of course. Although talent figures into the equation, it takes mostly hard work and desire (passion) to become a good player, and let's not forget about good instruction!

The Contemporary Keyboardist Online Instruction is the course for professionals and those who want to be professionals!

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John Novello

A New Approach to Learning Keyboards

Novello's refreshing approach to learning makes the subject of music and keyboard playing easily accessible to the student, beginner or advanced. Knocking down common misconceptions like "you can't improvise until you are an advanced player', Novello opens the door to create freedom and experimentation and encourages his students to have fun learning and creating music. Gone are the complexities, the arbitraries and the rules that can't be understood. Novello's instructional approach strengthens the student's intention to succeed while teaching him his craft. " A student needs more than technique from a teacher", says Novello.

"A good teacher must evaluate each student, his weak and strong points, and put together a unique program to get him to his goals." This is what separates The Contemporary Keyboardist apart from many other rote and inflexible methods.

About John Novello

Rarely does an accomplished artist have the skill or the interest to successfully extend his musical passion to the area of teaching. But jazz composer/organist/pianist John Novello is the exception. A highly respected musician/composer, Novello began teaching in 1983 and after a few years of research, he released The Contemporary Keyboardist - heralded as the most definitive manual on contemporary keyboard performance ever written. The Contemporary Keyboardist has become the "bible" of keyboard instruction and is used by students and top professionals worldwide.

A Diverse Musical Background

Contributing to Novello's success as an educator is the unusual diversity of his musical depth, interest and professional experience. As a jazz keyboardist, composer/arranger, producer, musical director, author and session player, he has played and worked with the likes of Mark Isham, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer, Donna Summer, Carl Anderson, Gloria Rusch, Lili Haydn, Mr. Big, Edgar Winter and many many more. His band, Niacin co founded along with bassist Billy Sheehan and featuring Dennis Chambers on drums is considered one of the legendary progressive instrumental trios of all time.

Professional Endorsements

"It's a no-crap, straight ahead approach."  Chick Corea

"John Novello is a superb musician and teacher. If you want to master jazz keyboards, John is your man!" Andy Summers

"The contemporary keyboardist method by John Novello is a wonderful launching pad for beginners and advanced keyboardists alike. Even with my 30 years of experience in the business, every time I open his book, The Contemporary Keyboardist, I learn something too." Herbie Hancock

"Solid and readable, and relevant, Novello's Contemporary Keyboardist Instruction should be near the top of every method list." Keyboard Magazine

"The Contemporary Keyboardist is the instructional method by which all others are measured!" Musican's Magazine

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