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For Professionals and Those Who Want To Be Professionals!


1. To get your FREE evaluation please fill out the form below and submit. Please be as accurate and thorough as possible as this form helps me determine your custom online program geared to your needs and wants.

2. Along with your registration form you will need to send me a demo representative of your current playing level, no more than 5 to 10 minutes. This is best done by MP3. If you are a complete beginner, this step can be skipped.

3. Wait to be contacted by my assistant who will go over the required materials, tuition rates and student policy. Once your tuition is paid for, student policy read and signed and you have in possession my required texts and videos, then I will personally contact you for a brief phone interview to complete your custom program. After the phone interview, you will receive your first lesson online directly from me which will consist of an exact step by step assignment. It will consist of text, music and soundbytes in the form of mp3 files as is necessary for each lesson. If you choose to not do all of the above online then this can all be done by snail mail. The required basic materials include my two instructional books - The Contemporary Keyboardist, Stylistic Etudes and my Three Videos. (These are available on the Home Page.)

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