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"Finally, a real teacher who not only cares but has accomplished what he teaches and in such an organized manner." JK

"I've learned more form John about playing styles and improvising in a few lessons than in years with other teachers. He's amazing!" BR

"If you want a straight from the hip street approach that teaches the real shit, than John's method and the way he teaches it is for you!" CS

" I am pretty advanced as a player but was stuck in a rut playing the same old riffs. After only three lessons, I broke out of this rut and am playing with a whole new freshness. Thanks John, you are the best.!" RC

"I can now actually play what I hear! Before, I was playing a bunch of preleaned licks. NO wonder why I couldn't get a gig." FH

"I actually am a singer by profession but I wanted to learn how to accompany myself so I was referred to John as being one of the best. Wow! I was a dead beginner as a pianist but in only 6 short months, I am accompanying myself and even writing music to my lyrics!" SM

" What I like about John and his method is he quickly finds your weak fundamentals and devises drills and studies to fix them. Each lesson is a laser precise assignment. This is what teachers and teaching is all about!" GL

"I used to study with teachers who would always show off in my lesson and play fantastically but never actually show ME anything to help ME get to where they were. John not only can play his ass off when necessary but he can devise step by step exercises to get you there too. All you have to do is practice and guess what, he even shows you how to correctly practice. Now that's a teacher!" GR

"I'm actually a bass player. I came to John because I wanted to improve my soloing over chord changes. After one lesson, John found my weakness in my ability to hear melodies over changes. We began working on some basic ear training which I fought at first but after a couple of months I began actually hearing melodies and had a major break thru in my ability to solo. He's uncanny in spotting an outness and devising an exercise to correct it!"  KL

" John is simply a gifted player and teacher. So if you want the best, look no further... he ain't cheap but in this case you get way more than you pay for!!"  HP

"I used to be embarrassed to sit in and jam with other musicians because of my weak time. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't stay in the pocket. In my first lesson without my even telling him this problem, John discovered that this fundamental was weak. He had me read some data about time and rhythm and pulse, did a few demonstrations and in about 5 months of doing rhythmic independence drills and ear training, I was groovin. Thanks John!"  DS

Professional Endorsements

"It's a no-crap, straight ahead approach."  Chick Corea

"John Novello is a superb musician and teacher. If you want to master jazz keyboards, John is your man!" Andy Summers

"The contemporary keyboardist method by John Novello is a wonderful launching pad for beginners and advanced keyboardists alike. Even with my 30 years of experience in the business, every time I open his book, The Contemporary Keyboardist, I learn something too." Herbie Hancock

"Solid and readable, and relevant, Novello's Contemporary Keyboardist Instruction should be near the top of every method list." Keyboard Magazine

"The Contemporary Keyboardist is the instructional method by which all others are measured!" Musican's Magazine